Summer Conference: June 22-28, 2013

INDRA’S NET: The Interconnectedness of All Life.
We will spend the week exploring this year’s theme as we  connect, dance, sing, and play.

Indra’s Net is a metaphor from Buddhism/Hinduism that demonstrates the principles of Interdependent Origination.  It is conceived as a net, or web, where:
•     at each juncture there lies a jewel;
•     each jewel reflects all the other jewels in this cosmic matrix;
•     every jewel represents an individual life form, atom, cell or unit of consciousness;
•     each jewel, in turn, is intrinsically and intimately connected to all the others;
•     thus, a change in one gem is reflected in all the others.

2013 Theme

2013 Theme

In other words, each object in the world is not merely itself but reflects and is, in turn, reflected in every other object. This concept of interconnectedness, and the intention of consciously connecting with, all of life are rich and compelling perspectives that have infinite potential for exploration and reflection.

Here are two websites that you can explore that further expand on the significance of this theme: