Second Planning Meeting for 2015

The weekend meeting at the home of Bob and Linda

Giarla was a smashing success. One of the nicest things

about planning meetings is walking into each other’s

homes, and experiencing the warmth and collaboration

that Northfield involves. Thank you so much to Bob

and Linda for hosting this meeting. Donna introduced us to “flapdoodling”, a concept developed

by Doug Hall in his book Jumpstart Your Brain,

which helped the group expand the meanings in images

introduced by the theme Walking Each Other Home. We

also brainstormed a list of possible conference hour

speakers and ideas for workshops. Ballots were created

on which each Northfielder had the opportunity to express

their preferences regarding potential CH speakers

and workshop ideas. The results of compiling these

preferences will guide Lisa Schermerhorn in developing

our workshops, and Rob and Donna in inviting potential

Conference Hour speakers. We are excited both by the

lists that the group generated and by the level of enthusiasm

we are feeling from the group. “Walking Each Other Home” is growing in richness.

You can see this in the flapdoodle chart (it’s that thing

with all the words and dialogue balloons.) We look forward

to gathering at Midwinter, January 30 to February

1, at Rolling Ridge Conference Center in North Andover,


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