Annual Fund 2014-2015


A big round of applause for all of us Nortfhielders!

We ended the fund year with 66 donors contributing

$4,640.86! This money goes to support all the

Conference programs in June and at MidWinter.

We are a self-sustaining community and we support

it in so many ways, by our actions, our volunteering,

and our donations. THANK YOU!

and thank you very much to Caroline Jestin for all her hard work on the Annual Fund!

The tree of Northfield is brimming with life, love, connection, harmony, laughter spirit, and so much more. We return to our ‘tree’ every year to replenish,  nourish and rediscover ourselves and each other… and go back into the world with renewed hope and purpose.

people tree

Our tree flourishes because of all we do within our community to make it happen, with our commitment, efforts, time and generosity.

As a non-profit, we fund all our own expenses… from teachers for the Children’s Program to the delicious food we eat.

This year our Annual Fund goal is to raise $5100 from 65 donors!  Can we do this? What  a silly question !  We are Northfielders!

Whether it is with a $5 donation or a $500 donation (or anything in-between!), we keep our Conference vibrant and strong.  Please make a donation and continue to strengthen our beautiful resplendent ‘tree’!

Gifts may be made through PayPal. Remember to send in your gift before March 31, 2015.

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