Important Announcements 2015!

Coffee House

     As the Conference nears we want to announce the 2015 Coffeehouse at Northfield. It will be held in Blake on Monday evening directly after Sacred Circle. The format will include the written word and lyric based music all of which must be original material. The order of performances will vary somewhat in that the early portion of the program will be “family friendly” with regards to content. We ask that you consider language and imagery for this first portion. The latter part of the program will be more suitable for mature audiences. If you have questions about where in the program your material would best fit please consult Julie  or Stephen.

              *The sign up easel will be in the dining room and will differentiate early vs later sign up times. Please remember the maximum length is 5 minutes.

              **An important component to Coffeehouse at Northfield is the contribution of baked goods/snacks that can be sold as a fundraiser. Please bring something            for the snack table. Julie will be rounding up coffee urns and if you have one to bring please let her know in the event she is still in need.

              We are looking forward to the Coffeehouse. It is a great community event both for artistic offerings and audience experience.

              Your excellent hosts,    Julie Snow & Stephen Bracciotti

Sacred Circle

 Our time together this summer will be here before we know it!  This year, Jim Peters and I will be facilitating the planning for our daily Sacred Circle gathering.  This is a process of co-creating a special, centering time of depth for ourselves as a Community as we end each day.  We would LOVE ideas and input from YOU.  You are the “co-“ in co-creating!  We will be meeting daily in the small dining room from 1-2pm. To guide our planning, we have come up with some topics that seem to fit with our theme this year of Walking Each Other Home.  We hope you will join us to help plan Sacred Circle, and hope that you may be inspired to bring readings, songs, simple rituals, etc. for any or all of these.  If you are unable to attend the 1pm meeting, Jim or I will be happy to see if we can find a spot for your idea.

Walking Each Other Home….

Sunday:  Through Hard Times

Monday:  Bridging Cultures/Differences; Finding Connections

Tuesday:  In Celebration

Wednesday:  In Remembrance

Thursday:  Family and Community

For some years, Sacred Circle has included an opportunity to place some object of personal value on our common altar.  It’s an opportunity to gather some Northfield group energy during the week.  If that’s something you’d like to participate in, we invite you to bring something smallish (photos are fine!).  In our first Sacred Circle on Sunday evening, you would have an opportunity to share what the object means to you if you wish, or you can add it to the altar quietly and privately.  Whatever works for you, works for us.

Best,  Betsy Taylor


Calling all teens to young adults for help as Porters (helping people with their luggage and moving into dorms) for Saturday of Northfield. Please let me know if you can help out!
Thanks, Anne and Rob Young
Family Facilitators
There is less than 2 weeks to go before we meet for the Northfield 2015 Conference and we are still recruiting Family Facilitators.
The only prerequisite is that you have attended Northfield and been part of a Family at least once, are willing to do the training and can attend our daily facilitators meeting for an hour each day.
I will be sending out a copy of The Facilitators Handbook and the links to Bill Milford’s videos to all who let us know that they are interested in joining our team. Please contact one of us this week so we can forward the information on to you.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Irene Powell. 
Lauren Pollaro.
Dahna Weber.
Love, Irene
Craft Sale and Gallery
I am excited with my new part this year in the community as Art sale & Gallery coordinator!
I have been reading all the messages involving the mutation of the event and I agree with what it has become.  (During Coffeehouse, large pieces will be displayed around Blake Lounge as they were last year. Small pieces will be displayed in Blake Small Lounge.  This includes CDs, jewelry, scarves, photographs, etc.)
What I need to know is which artists will be displaying in the gallery, for I will be making uniform tags for each of their pieces (3-5 per artist). On these tags I will indicate: Title of piece, medium(s) used, Artist and dimensions. I shall send a personal letter to each of the gallerists regarding certain details, namely for these last listed infos and about the procedure of selling their craft.
My function will also be setting up the gallery before hand, on Monday June 22, 2015, and I will collect the 20% commissions for the scholarship fund from the sales.
I expect a very fruitful and enjoyable Art Celebration this year!
Lots of Love to All, Sam

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