2016 Theme

We had a fun and productive planning meeting at Peter and Kathy’s lovely home in New London the first weekend in October. With over 100 suggestions for themes and 30 people attending, we worked all Saturday morning and part of the afternoon discussing the list of themes and what they might mean to us and to those at the 2016 conference.  And then 30 people came to consensus on the next theme, which is:
 We talked about the difference between courage and bravery, even looking them up in the dictionary.  Some spoke about sometimes needing to have courage just to get out of bed in the morning and face the day.  Some felt that courage is what  is needed to move out of our comfort zones to take on a new project, idea or direction.  As we all shared our thoughts about the word “courage”, it became more and more clear that our theme was emerging.  And we came to consensus –all 30 of us– on COURAGE as our 2016 Northfield Conference Theme.
We encourage you to think about what “courage” means to you, what ideas you might have for workshops, theme dance, and all the various components of Northfield.  Come to our next planning meeting and share your ideas.  Or, if you can’t come, please e-mail Lisa and Nancy and share your ideas.

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