Buddies are needed!

This year I am again Newcomers Coordinator. We ALL share the responsibility for welcoming our newcomers, but as a community we have counted on “buddies” to ensure a warm welcome and to be a resource, especially for the first few days.
Newcomers need our help, some not much, some more. A buddy’s job is to attend the newcomer’s meeting at 4:30 pm on Saturday, to warmly welcome his/her assigned newcomer, and offer to be an additional resource to them. This may include guiding  them to the appropriate person to help them resolve any issues, introducing them to like minded folk, etc.
Won’t you consider being a newcomer’s buddy? I had a great one and I’m still coming!! Please email me at: spwmcw@gmail.com  I can hardly wait to hear from y’all!
Blessings, Connie Walsh
P.S. If you can’t be a buddy, will you at least commit to introducing yourself to each newcomer you encounter? Let’s show we ALL care about them.

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