Second Planning Meeting 2016-2017

Most of you missed the amazing Planning Meeting this past weekend at Lisa Schermerhorn’s beautiful home in Vermont. But you can make up for lost connection-time with your Northfield Community by coming to the second Planning Meeting at our home in central NH. The dates are November 18-20, which is less than four weeks away. That means it is already time to start telling us about your plans. We again have the use of my brother’s house, and people can also stay at Rick and Susie Stockwell’s. Somehow we will figure out how to house all of you who want to come. But the earlier you tell us, the easier it is to plan.

Please let us know:
  • Are you are coming?
  • Both nights?
  • Any important concerns about your assigned lodging/bed. How crucial are your issues?
  • Any food issues?
  • Preferred meal assignment (no guarantees on this one, but we will try).
  • What weather do you like (really, we do want to accommodate your every wish!).
Information about the meeting agendas and that sort of thing will be provided by the Planning Chairs, Meg and Peggy.
We hope to see many of you here in a month. And if not then, then think about MidWinter, January 27-29
Hugs to all,
Kathy and Peter

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