Workshops 2019

As this year’s Workshop Coordinators, Betsy Taylor and I would like to invite you to submit unformed suggestions and/or official Proposals for this year’s June Conference. Ideas were gathered during the first planning meeting in Montreal, others have trickled in via email, and no doubt more will arise during our gathering at Peter & Qathy’s in December.
Please email your suggestions and/or the by November 30th to
BOTH Betsy Taylor (taybet2 at AND Jenny White (maplehearth at
As always we are on the lookout for a broad variety of offerings (music, movement, writing, arts & crafts, discussion, personal growth, etc.) that appeal to all ages, so please put on your thinking caps and fire up your creativity and let’s see what emerges! We welcome submissions from both seasoned veterans and New Resource People, as we are always ready to invite new members to our community.
The theme, Meraki*, is described below—but remember that not every workshop needs to be directly related that concept.
We look forward to receiving your ideas and proposals.
Jenny White & Betsy Taylor
*Meraki  (pronounced: may-rah-kee)  – adjective. This is a modern Greek word used to describe doing something with creativity, soul, and love – putting yourself intentionally into what you’re doing, with compassion.

One thought on “Workshops 2019

  1. I used to attend the Northfi\eld League (Erie) in the 1960’s at Westminister College. Attending those week long conferences started a spiritual awakening process that has continued throughout my life. Thank you.

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