Workshops 2020

As the leaves fall from the trees, we can feel the buzz starting to build about the Northfield Conference 2020 topic of Holding on and Letting Go.  This year’s workshop co-coordinators are Sarah Melasecca and Andy Jeffrey, and together we are ready to solicit ideas for workshops.   At this early stage in the process, we are interested in any and all workshop ideas, the more the merrier.  Even if it’s an idea for a workshop that you are not prepared to deliver personally, we’re interested in your idea.  If this year’s theme of Holding on and Letting Go sparks an idea, that’s wonderful, pass it along.  But not all workshops need to be directly related to the conference theme.  As you know, we have a diverse community with a wide array of ages, interests and abilities.  In past years, our workshops have spanned an array of different categories, including Spirituality, Relationships, Personal Growth, Music, Movement, Writing, Arts & Crafts and Discussions.  If any of these general categories spark a workshop idea, pass it along.
Submitting a workshop proposal does not imply a commitment that it will be accepted.  At this stage, we’re looking for ideas to fill the hopper, and then we will stir the pot and look for a great mix of workshops to meet our diverse needs.  So, once again, any seedlings of thought would be greatly appreciated at this stage of the process.  On the weekend of November 23rd, some of us will be gathering at Andy and Dorothy’s home in Sutton, NH to discuss workshop ideas and conference speakers.  We’d love to see you there, but if you’re not able to attend we would still love to have your ideas attend.

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