Summer Conference 2021

We may not be meeting in person again in June, but we’re going to be together!  We will be having another music night like last year…and a coffee house…and workshops!

Once again, we will have an evening of music! Whether it’s original or a cover, we want all musicians, young and old, to participate! Please contact Caroline directly at if you want to join the fun!

We currently have 6 workshops scheduled and have room for 2 to 4 more to take place on the Monday and Tuesday morning and/or afternoon. If you’d like to offer a workshop, please contact Wendy Desmarteaux:

The COFFEE HOUSE is reserved for the original creative outpourings of our community.  Poems, short stories or essays are welcome!  Please choose something you can read in under 5 minutes (best to try it out at home!).  Contact Julie at to sign up!

We can’t wait to hear from you,

Julie and Caroline and Wendy

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