Holding On and Letting Go Workshop Proposals Wanted!

The co-chairs of the Northfield Workshop Committee are eagerly planning the slate of workshops for the 2022 Conference – Holding On and Letting Go. The conference dates are set for June 25 – July 1. While many logistical details will unfold over the next several months, everyone from our Conference Co-Chairs on down are proceeding full steam ahead to produce an in-person conference on the NMH campus next June.

As you’ve noted, the theme selected has not changed from Holding On and Letting Go, originally scheduled for 2020 and then 2021. We didn’t think it was safe to assume that anyone who had submitted a workshop proposal would still be interested and available two years later, so we have restarted the workshop proposal process. 

To tickle your brain, the following topics were requested during our recent workshop planning meeting: Improv, Fairy Houses, Jewelry Making, Forum on Aging (Holding On and Letting Go to Choices), more Movement and Dance, a Drum Circle, and a Forum Big Thorn/Big Rose from the Pandemic. If you have a workshop that would address any of these topics (or anything else!), we’d love to hear your proposal. These topics are in addition to some proposals already on the table for Open Hearted Listening, Experiential Art and Music, Photography as Spiritual Meditation, Psychic Games, Yoga Nidra, Singing, Writing, Our Future and the Environment and more! 

If you had submitted a workshop proposal in 2020 and would like to continue to propose your original topic, you will need to resubmit a proposal. Do you have other ideas that you would like to propose? Do you have a new resource that has a workshop to offer? Workshop topics do not necessarily need to fit with the conference theme. Anything goes! We know how creative this community can be!! A link to the workshop application is provided if you’d like to resubmit/submit a proposal for 2022. All proposals should be submitted by December 1.

Regardless, we hope you can attend the conference next year. It’s been way too long since we’ve gathered in person as a community!

Dorothy and Andy Jeffrey

2022 Northfield Conference – Holding On and Letting Go Workshop Proposal

Proposed Workshop Title/Summary (in a few words):

Proposed Workshop Presenter:
Presenter’s background/relevant experience:

Presenter’s Contact Info: Email:

Is this a new Resource Person? Yes No
If YES, please provide name and contact information for a current Northfielder who is connected to the new resource person. Please enter your name and email if you would be the contact.
Reference Name: Email:

Description of Workshop (tell us more about it):

Who is the audience? (adults, children, intergenerational, etc.) Any special location, time, supplies needed?

Thank you for your suggestion! We will carefully consider all suggestions to find the right fit for this year’s Conference. If this proposal is accepted, we will contact you. Please submit this proposal by December 1 to both Workshop Coordinators:

Andy Jeffrey andy@proactivegrowth.com Dorothy Jeffrey djeffrey@comcast.net

Questions? Contact Andy at 508-284-2577 or Dorothy at 508-284-0130page1image3784208page1image7898640

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