Posted by Scott Giarla

MidWinter 2013: The Heart of Winter January 25-27

MidWinter is Northfield’s yearly weekend retreat to reconnect with old friends and to welcome new friends in a smaller, cozy environment. This is a wonderful way to get to know people leading up to our larger summer conference. For more information on this year’s MidWinter please see our December 2012 newsletter, The Grapevine, in the … Continue reading

Summer Conference: June 22-28, 2013

INDRA’S NET: The Interconnectedness of All Life. We will spend the week exploring this year’s theme as we  connect, dance, sing, and play. Indra’s Net is a metaphor from Buddhism/Hinduism that demonstrates the principles of Interdependent Origination.  It is conceived as a net, or web, where: •     at each juncture there lies a jewel; •     … Continue reading