Financial Policies 2013

Financial Policies 2013


This statement is prepared as a guideline for those concerned with the finances of the Northfield Conference. It is not a job description. Establishing and monitoring Financial Policies is ultimately the responsibility of the Northfield Conference Board of Directors.
1. THE NORTHFIELD CONFERENCE depends on the contributions of friends, registration fees, and fund-raising activities as its only sources of money for operating funds and scholarship aid.
2. REGISTRATION FEES: The registration fee shall be paid by all individuals attending the Conference, with the following exceptions: the Registrar and Treasurer; New Resource People; Program Chair(s); those attending only for babysitting purposes; Youth Program teachers and their families; and those coming for a single day or meal, and not overnight. Registration fees are refundable until June 1 before each Conference.
3. ROOM AND BOARD: Balances due are payable upon arrival at the Conference. For those not staying overnight, individual meals may be purchased by prearrangement with the Registrar. Refunds for room and board may be made up to one week before the Conference begins. The Conference is prepared to pay 100% of the room and board for: each New Resource Person; each Youth Program teacher; and one-half room and board for the spouse/partner and children of the aforementioned people. The Program Chair(s), Registrar, and Treasurer each get free room and board, but not their families. Further financial aid may be available if needed, at the discretion of the Finance Committee.
4. FINANCIAL AID: For those in need, financial aid assistance from the Graceanna Hawley Financial Aid Fund will be provided. Applicants can choose to ask for either 25 or 50% off of their room and board fees, and such awards will be made based on the applicants self-determination of need. At the discretion of the Finance Committee, financial aid for more than 50% may be granted (supported by the Phillip Hawley Fund).
5. NEW RESOURCE PEOPLE: A “New Resource Person” is defined as a person who has not attended the June Northfield Conference for more than two days in any of the last ten years. A NRP is someone who makes a significant contribution to the programming of the June week, typically a Conference Hour speaker or workshop presenter, but the NRP status can be conferred on other program participants, with the approval of the Conference Coordinators.
6. ALL GUESTS are expected to make financial arrangements for meals/overnights with the Registrar.
7. ALL BILLS submitted to the treasurer throughout the year must be signed by the person incurring the expense and must be submitted by the end of December following the summer Conference. Bills submitted after this point cannot be reimbursed.
8. STIPENDS are offered to the Youth Program Teachers, Treasurer, and Registrar. Amounts and recipients are determined by the Board of Directors.
9. NO CHANGE OR EXCEPTIONS to the financial policies of the Northfield Conference may be made without the approval of the Board of Directors.
10. YEARLY REVIEW AND BUDGET: It is recommended that the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee review the financial policies each year at the Fall Retreat. It is recommended that a budget be drawn up and submitted by the Treasurer to the Board and Executive Committee for review at the Fall Retreat, and approval at the MidWinter meeting.

APPROVED: December 1976, June 1987, May 1993, June 1996
AMENDED: January 1978, March 1980, June 1988, April 1991, February 1995, September 1995, February 1999, September 1999, March 2013

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