Financial Aid

The Graceanna Hawley Scholarship Program &

The Philip Hawley Fund

In 2010, the Northfield Conference honored Graceanna Hawley, its recently resigned Registrar/Treasurer, by naming the scholarship program after her. Graceanna served the Conference for more than five decades, and during that period created our generous program of scholarship assistance that has helped hundreds of members attend over the years. She single-handedly managed the majority of our relationship with the Northfield-Mt.Hermon School and helped us develop a sustainable financial model that has flexibly responded to changes in conference numbers and circumstances.

Graceanna herself created The Philip Hawley Fund in memory of her husband, who often joined her at the conference. She asked that it be directed toward helping folks who needed more assistance than our scholarship Program provides and it is available to those who ask, subject to the oversight of the Finance Committee Chair and the Treasurer.

The Conference generally awards up to 1/2 of the cost of room and board to applicants who have registered for the FULL week of the conference and applied for financial aid by MAY 20th. Depending on funds allocated, applications received after this date may or may not receive aid. Applicants who send in this form before May 10th will receive confirmations about their assistance within a few days.

To apply for financial assistance for the June conference please send an email to the Registrar and Treasurer with FA (your last name) in the subject line. Include the names and ages of the folks you’re applying for aid for and the percentage of aid that you’re requesting. Please summarize your reasons for requesting assistance.