Helpful People

Although all returning Northfielders are helpful, here are some key players in organizing the 2023 conference.

Feel free to approach them to have your questions and concerns addressed.

2023 Co-Planners

Workshop Coordinators

Northfield Board

Wendy Desmarteaux, Board President

Caroline Jestin, Secretary

Treasurer & Youth Program Coodinator

Ron McClain, Treasurer

Keri Pitcher, Youth Program Coordinator


Tracey Briscoe, Registrar

Greg Grisby, 3rd-year Troika

Lynnette Tucker, 2nd-year Troika

Harry Blackman, 1st-year Troika

Program Planners

Maria Bishop

Margaret Costello

Nancy Young

Workshop Coordinators

Carrie Katz

Devon Reid

Family Facilitator Coordinators

Dahna Weber

Scott Giarla

Connie Walsh


Meg Connor

Newcomers Coordinator