Connie Chandler-Ward

April 2, 2018

For the moment, there are no words

to convey how much Connie is cherished by us all

and how much she will be missed.

Wonderful interview with Connie (part 1)

Part 2

From Connie to her beloved Northfield Community:

Thank you for being the people you are
to create the community we are.
Thank you for the songs that remembered
and lifted the soul.
Thank you for daring to open enough
for the shadow to be included.
Thank you for the skills offered
and received.
Thank you for birthing, year after year,
another wondrous week!
Thank you.

Connie’s Poem about Aging:

Now I am old.

 Now I have no use for the habit of protection.

 I feel most of all what has been feared and refused.

 From my heart’s isolated chambers there flows ache and gratitude.

 Together they melt into a strange love.

 Love even everywhere

 And right now

 in this moment,

 my single song.