George Blackman


George was a “force of nature” at Northfield from the moment he began coming to the Conference in 1967 until his death in 2010. When he first arrived, the Conference was still a Christian conference for high school girls, and he came as one of the visiting Episcopalian priests who presented lectures. In 1971, he, with his wife, Maeve, was critical in shifting the Northern Area Committee (our “Northfield”) into a family conference, changing its format forever. He was instrumental in having all spiritualities celebrated and, with Emily Mitchell, bringing Family Sculpture into our tradition of personal growth. A dedicated, fun-loving, dramatic, and beloved member of our community, he served on the Executive Committee and the Northfield League, serving as the first male chair of the League. He and Maeve, and their 4 sons, brought friends and acquaintances to Northfield over many years, truly expanding the Conference into the community we love today. (For more information on George, please read Our History!)

(George is pictured above with his wife Maeve to his right and long-time friend Mickey to his left)

One thought on “George Blackman

  1. George also left a legacy of teaching – that is – that the understanding of group and family dynamics was something that was accessible to everyone. His mentorship was key in helping many of us to have the confidence to explore and share these understandings and insights with others (and other conferences) and helped to create a way communicating and being with one another that have influenced our lives, families, and communities.

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