Kelly Soule


Kelly was a special presence at Northfield and while he only came a few years before his death in 2008, he loved every moment. He was brought to the conference by the Arundel Canadians and even attended Planning Meetings throughout the year. Northfield became his spiritual “home” where he found connection and peace. He is remembered for his authenticity and his poetry, which he enjoyed sharing at our Coffee Houses.

Go now! Rest in peace.
Time, your time has gone,-
Time for you to dance with the evening sun.
We loved in the time of our youth,
not knowing then, the heavenly ground we walked.
We loved, but that is done.
Go in peace! Leave us our memories, dreams for our sleep,
Leave us now…. the way is found
Kelly 02-01-01

Kelly is in my heart and prayers…and I’ll see him at Northfield or on the other side. I am certain his joyous, wise and beautiful presence will be magnificently discernible in or out of body.

He touched a place of timeless love in my heart that I will cherish forever. He will always be here whispering lines of Rumi or silly stories of tender laughter. I can see his shining eyes now brimming over with truth and kindness and mischievious delight.
I have enjoyed his quick humor and happy smile.


He has blessed all of our lives with his sweetness, loyalty and gentle humor. We will miss him dearly.


I can’t imagine Kelly leaving this planet, he is so loved, please give him a kiss and a twinkle for me.


I will really miss dear Kelly, his lovely smile and chuckle, his thoughtful words and his warm essence.
Kelly was one of the sweetest, gentlest, wisest souls I have ever come across in this lifetime.
I was deeply moved and honored to have been able to sit with him briefly yesterday before his passing.
His love shines on and continues to inspire many as we can see from all the Northfield letters.

your eyes hold us
like an enchanted student
come suddenly to mystery exposed
in metaphysical truth
or a great line of poetry

but it is you the teacher
offering yourself
until we are polished
by it and shining
and you bask

in the glow
of your delight
reflected back

On Kelly’s Death
What can one less breath
in all this breathing cause?
What balance in this worldly chemistry
is perturbed with one last breath?
What clouds will move,
what swirling hurricanes
will stop with one last breath?

None of this by any science
can be measured.
None of this will be remarked
in walking down Saint Catherine’s street.

But by the measure of my heart
I heard your one last shout
your one last laugh,
I heard the one last breath
that passed your lips
and whispered words of Rumi.
As dawn approaches, deer gather and crows assemble.
Birdsong fills the air, a lone goose flies by, its haunting cry
Echoing the sadness in my heart.
A breeze riffles the leaves of the aspens and suddenly
I know that you are there, part of all around me.
And in a moment I am filled with gladness
And I feel at peace.

One thought on “Kelly Soule

  1. Excerpt from one of Kelly’s poems

    Gor, I like what I saw at Northfield
    Beginning with the Dorothy
    With her bowl what was ringing
    And calling and wrapping our souls into the eternity of being

    I am going to live eternal and everlasting
    And what is left will dissolve itself (or their selves) in the “neant”

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