Lorry Weinstein

Lorry Weinstein passed away peacefully at his home in Fairfield, CT, on April 4, 2019, surrounded by his family.

He first came to Northfield with his beloved wife, Ellie, and their two teenage sons in 1975 via Roger and Judi Bunker, lifelong friends.

Over the following 15 years, Lorry was an active member of the Conference including being on the Troika and working diligently on fundraising to enhance diversity.

During those years, Lorry always looked forward to Families and felt that it was a time for him to really grow in a way that had been difficult for him. It was the year that he was in a Family with Elaine Henry that offered him an incredible growth and understanding of himself, and he always thanked her for that.

After a gap of perhaps 10 years when Lorry and Ellie did not attend the conference, they returned. Ellie recalls, “When our granddaughter, Téa, was 4 years old in 2010, I knew that she was a perfect ‘Northfield’ child and we decided it was time to return and introduce her to the wonders of Northfield. Téa and her cousin, Sydney, have been attending ever since.”

Things Lorry loved about the Conference

He loved meeting new people – people who he felt were real, honest and mindful.

He adored the Talent Show and always did a skit, often poking fun at the Canadians!

He loved doing his and Ellie’s conference hour about the nature of their diverse family.

He loved the food and sitting with a different crowd at each meal.

He loved the comfort of the chapel.

He loved “Sanda Countway” on the old campus, where folks gathered in the evening.

He loved being able to be there with Judi and Roger.

He loved singing the songs even though his voice was terrible.

He loved swimming with all the kids in the pool and that’s where you would often find him in the afternoons.

He loved walking the beautiful campus, day and night. And he loved sharing it all with Ellie.


Love notes from the community

I am grateful for having been in family with Lorry. For his laughter. For the mutual agonies we shared over the course of a baseball game between his beloved Yankees and the Red Sox. For the example of his deep caring and appreciation of family and friends. For the kindness, mixed with justice, he and Ellie encouraged in this world.

In love,


Oh God, my guide and caregiver, I do not lack.

You have given me family and friends, laughter and tears, green pastures and still waters.

You have made my soul sing! And led me to try always to give back the love I have received from you.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not be afraid, for you are with me and your love comforts me.

You have defended me when all was dark, taken care of me, filled my cup to the brim and over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall be with me always: and I will be with you for ever.

–Harry Blackman