Sam Osherson

As I was sharing about Sam with my husband Kris on our drive home tonight I told him how much of a PRESENCE Sam was in our Northfield family💓  Then I started telling Kris about Sam and Julie’s beautiful life partnership and how much my heart ached for Julie, and at that very moment THE BIGGEST, BRIGHTEST, WIDEST, LONGEST LASTING SHOOTING STAR etched across the dark sky as the Full Wolf Moon was rising🌠  Kris and I were completely stunned, having never seen such a dramatic shooting star like this before🌟  I knew this was a sign from Sam, telling us that LOVE & LIGHT ARE ETERNAL and HIS SPIRIT will be with Julie, his children, grandchildren and our Northfield family ALWAYS💫 ~ Kelly

I was thinking of Sam over the weekend and his humorous “yoga with cats” escapades, as I was attempting to do yoga in the presence of my new 5 month old kitten!

Like so many, I’m saddened and shocked by this news. For me, Sam will always be a genuinely welcoming listener, with a kind sense of humor, massive intelligence, and truly compassionate heart. I feel so lucky to have known him through the years. ~ Sarah

Being part of Northfield affirms us all as amazing. Sam was supreme in loving, giving and being amazing. I loved listening to him, and just catching him be his fully alive self. He exuded all things good. ~Jeff

In a journey drumming, sending love and prayers: this. 

From far away, a line of people three or four wide, and slow moving, quiet in a big field. A quiet full of communion as the people in the line are not strangers. Holding hands, touching, smiling to one another quietly, and sharing deeply with their eyes as they slowly move toward the front. I see this and move ahead to see where they are going, what they are doing. 

One by one as they arrive, they greet the man sitting on a small raised platform. Sam. Holding court with his princely style, smile, joy, delight, grace, shining. There is silence as each of the people approach, but also blessedness.  They touch his feet gently, a little motion of honor. Sacred. Humble. Sweet. And Sam, with a little wave of his wand, gives something of himself to each one. A flourish. A spark. 

Each walk away with those little sparks, those pieces. 

I know this is not his funeral, but his life.  How he gave and how he was blessed. 

How we who knew him were blessed.

How much of him is still in the world. 

Thanks be.