Midwinter 2019

**Winter WONDER Land!**
January 11-13, 2019
Here is another wonder-full opportunity for our community to come together and experience more of what we feel when we are together at Northfield in June, but in a more relaxed, weekend getaway mode. Wendy and Isabelle have the pleasure of organizing this event and wish to emphasize the joy of sharing, the wonder of play and creativity, the uplifting vibration of movement, breath and stillness, and of time just being together both indoors and out!  In these times of too much stress and negativity let us create a weekend respite, bringing our best selves in order to uplift each other. This is not to say that if you are having a hard time you should not come. On the contrary, being surrounded by loving friends is a balm during any challenging times.      
We will have a variety of workshops plus time to sing, play music, eat good food and of course enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors together at the new locale of Pilgrim Pines! 
Whatever we do together, we will touch each other by our very presence!
Warmly and in Wonder!
Wendy and Isabelle