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You may consider bringing:
– Dr Seuss books, costumes, props
– A yoga mat
– Indoor shoes or slippers
– Outdoor boots
– A flashlight
– musical Instruments
– baked goodies to share
– board and card games
– Pen and journal
– snow shoes (if weather is conducive to these activities)
– your children, grandchildren, other relatives, friends (Midwinter is a great introduction to the Northfield community).

Pilgrim Pines Housekeeping Policy

Pilgrim Pines Food Policy

**** Special Winter Driving Directions****

Pilgrim Pines


Please note:

Do not travel Christian Hill Road in the winter months.  

Do not travel Talbot Hill Road at any time.  

From the Greater Boston Area:

Take Route 95/128 to Route 2 West (EXIT 29B) Follow Route 2 West to Route 140 North (EXIT 24B). Follow Route 140 to Route 12 North. Follow thru Winchendom, MA, and Fitzwilliam and Troy, NH. After passing thru the center of Troy, you will travel a two mile long downgrade. At the bottom of this downgrade, you will pass a “Coach and Four Motor Inn” on your left. A half mile beyond this, turn left onto Flat Roof Mill Road. (If you pass the Toyota/ Volvo/ Honda Dealerships, you have gone too far.) Follow Flat Roof Mill Road, which becomes South Read to Route 32 North. Turn right onto Route 32 then an immediate left onto Swanzey Lake Road. Follow approximately 2.2 miles to West Shore Road. Turn right at the “Pilgrim Pines One Mile” sign.

Alternate Route:

Take Route 95/128 to MassPike/Route 90 (EXIT 25) Follow the MassPike/Route 90 West to Route 495 (EXIT 11A). Take Route 495 North to Route 2 West (EXIT 29B). Follow directions above from this point. This route avoids numerous traffic lights and dangerous undivided roadway on Route 2 between Lexington and Concord.


From Hartford/Springfield:

Take Route 91 North. In Massachusetts, take Route 10 North (EXIT 28A). (Traveling thru Massachusetts, you will pass several exit signs reading Routes 10/5. Stay on Route 91 to the above exit number.) Four miles after passing thru the center of Winchester, NH, Turn right onto Westport Village Road. There is a blue road sign for Pilgrim Pines. On Westport Village Road, bear right at the fork. (If you pass thru the covered bridge, turn around and go back to the fork and turn left) Turn right onto Swanzey Lake Road. Follow Swanzey Lake Road for 1.8 miles then bear left onto West Shore Road at the “Pilgrim Pines One Mile” sign.


From Eastern New Hampshire:

Take Route 101 West into Keene, NH. (After passing Route 93 in Manchester, NH, Route 101 becomes a very windy, undivided two lane road. For Safety, it is suggested that headlights be used in the daytime as well as at night.) In Keene, turn left onto Route 12 South. Go approximately one mile then turn right onto Route 32 South. Follow Route 32 pas Monadnock Regional Junior/Senior High School. Two miles from the school, Turn right onto Swanzey Lake Road. (Sign reads “Swanzey Lake/ Winchester.) Follow Swanzey Lake Road approximately 2.2 miles turn right onto West Shore Road at the “Pilgrim Pines One Mile” sign.


From Maine:

Take Route 95 South to Route 101 in Hampton, NH. Follow “From the Eastern New Hampshire” directions above.


From Vermont:

Take you best route into Keene, NH. In Keene, take Route 10 South and follow approximately 3-1/2 miles (From the Winchester Street intersection where Route 10 South makes a right turn) Turn left onto N Winchester Street (Bob’s Auto Repair is at this intersection) and follow to the stop sign. Turn left and drive thru the covered bridge. Turn right at the next intersection onto Homestead Avenue. Follow for 1- 1/2 miles (past the steel silo on the left) to the left turn onto Swanzey Lake Road. Follow this road for 1.8 miles then bear left onto West Shore Road at the “Pilgrim Pines One Mile” sign.


From Buffalo/Rochester/ Syracuse:

Take Route 90 East to Route 787 North in Albany, NY. Follow Route 787 to Route 7 East in Troy, NY. Follow Route 7 into Vermont where it becomes Route 9. Follow Route 9 thru Bennington and Brattleboro, VT into Keene, NH. Take Route 10 South and follow “From Vermont” directions above.


From Chicago:

Take Route 80 East thru Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania to Route 81 North. Follow Route 81 thru Wilkes Barre, PA into Scranton, PA. In Scranton, follow signs to Route 84 East. Follow Route 84 thru New York into Hartford, CT to Route 91 North (EXIT 52). Follow “From Hartford/ Springfield” directions above.


Flying to Pilgrim Pines:

There are three major airports that can be used if flying from great distance: Logan International Airport in Boston, MA; Bradley International Airport in Hartford, CT; and Manchester Airport in Manchester, NH. Each of these airports has car rental agencies for use for driving to Pilgrim Pines.


From (Boston) Logan Airport: Follow signs to the Williams Tunnel. Take the Williams Tunnel thru to the MassPike/ Route 90. Star on the MassPike/Route 90 to Route 95/128 (EXIT 15). Go North to Route 2 West (EXIT 29B). Follow “From the Greater Boston Area” under driving directions above.


Alternate Route from Logan: Stay on MassPike/Route 90 to Route 495 (EXIT 11A). “Follow from the Greater Boston Area” Driving directions above.


From (Hartford) Bradley Airport: Exit the Airport to Route 91 North. Follow “From Hartford/Springfield” under driving directions above.


From Manchester, NH Airport: Follow signs to Route 101 West. Follow “ From Eastern New Hampshire” under driving directions above.