Food Services and Dietary Needs

Food Services and Dietary Needs

Food Services and Dietary Needs

Cathy Grisby is our main contact person with the dining
services during the week to deal with any communications pertaining to
food. Please talk to Cathy if you have food questions or if any problems

We have been in contact with, Carrie Quimby, the head of Dining Services
and she has been very responsive and helpful in clarifying what the school
is able to do regarding special dietary needs. They differentiate services
for gluten intolerant (Celiac) individuals and gluten sensitive (who can
tolerate trace amounts of gluten). Carrie says, “I would prefer to
accommodate the individual(s) with Celiac disease in our separate GF
area to keep it uncontaminated. We will put food in there for each meal.
There is a microwave and a toaster oven in that area. The other folks
(gluten sensitive) can enjoy items from the dining hall, and I have attached
our current wheat free/gluten free (GF for those who can tolerate a bit of
cross contamination, NOT for Celiac) items we have for regular service.
(This list is attached at the end of this article.) Our soy sauce is GF. If there
is a regular GF entree, it will be labeled GF. Gluten free bread will not be
provided by the school. We have plenty of choices for vegans and

I asked if there is a place for those who wish to bring their own special diet
items. Carrie’s response was, “This is a tough one since there will be 2
other groups using our dining facility that week, and I cannot promise that
items left in the kitchen area are safe from other eaters. I can have a small
table in your seating area for such things.” She will set up a small table
that we will so designate. Please label your own items CLEARLY with
your name, or store them in your room. There are refrigerators in each
dorm that we can use, but again, be aware that these are shared with
summer school interns and may not be totally secure.

NMH Dining Services
GLUTEN FREE options for Wheat/Gluten sensitive individuals
Breakfast meats, hash
Rice Checks cold cereal
Instant Grits
Peanut Butter
Rice Cakes
Plain, sweet, and fruit yogurts
Breakfast Potatoes
Fresh Fruit
NMH Granola
NMH Muesli
Lunch and Dinner
White and Brown Rice
Cooked vegetables
Deli Meats
House grill Chicken Strips
Sliced Cheese
Meat salads (NOT imitation crab)
Corn tortillas
Salad Bar (EXCEPT for obvious pasta salads)
Salad Dressings
Soy Sauce
Pudding, Jello, canned fruit, Whipped topping
Soft serve ice cream
NMH Farm Ice cream (EXCEPT Cookie and Cream flavor)
“Starch” Alternative on vegetarian bar (will vary between potato &
Tues Lunch, Wed dinner, e/o Sat dinner Stir Fry, ask for “soy sauce only”
Thursday Mexi-Bar (EXCEPT four tortillas and cheese sauce)
All Beverages
Hot entrees and side dishes without pasta or breading…please ask us if
you have questions about our ingredients!

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