Reg report 2015

Reg report 2015

Registrar’s Report 2015
Tracey Briscoe

The total number of registrants at the 2015 June Conference was 155.

The breakdown:

Full week – 124 Cdns – 36 (35%) : 31 Part-timers –Nts. – 96
Partial stay: Sat – 13, Sun – 20, Mon – 16, Tues – 15, Wed – 17, Thurs – 15.
New to Conference – 13
New Resource Persons – 8
Single Room Occupants – 12
Children (3-12) – 19, Youth (13-19) – 12, Young Adults (20-25) – 7

Total Fees: $ 41,065 PayPal: $26,735 (2/3) Checks: $12,330 Cash: $2,280
PayPal used by 67 families/individuals. Checks – 13, before June 20.
Financial Aid: $ 6,255 applied to expenses for 36 individuals

NMH assigned us 8 dorms: London, Monadnock, Hubbard, Manchester, MacKinnon, Shea, Rikert and Crossley but we didn’t use 2, Hubbard and Rikert. We used 85 rooms and had others to work with, if needed.

The Online Registration process has continued to be a work in progress this year and proved to be very easy for me to use and keep track of Registrations. The wording of the instructions regarding the Registration process and PayPal was difficult to iron out. Some registrants had trouble with the SUBMIT and PayPal buttons. Judi and I have since been reworking the form and redeveloping the website for next year’s Registration procedure. The PayPal process has been relatively easy, with just a few glitches for some. The PayPal page wording/instructions have stumped a few registrants! I believe it’ll be much easier next year, having this one under our belts. I’d love to see the PayPal percentage even higher next year!

The early Registration fee incentive worked very well this year. We had 110 registrants in April, 31 in May and 14 in June. Having those numbers early helped our Planning team immensely.

I’d like to send a big thank you to Peggy for her help with decorations, greetings and directing on Registration day! She lightened my spirit and my load.

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