Step 4: Newcomers

We are so happy that you will be joining us this summer.  Here is extra information that may be helpful to you. Please take the time to read the NEWCOMER’S BOOKLET.Newcomers’ Meeting

We look forward to see you at this meeting at 4:30 on Saturday (location to be announced).  Here you will learn the ins and outs of Northfield as well as connect with other Newcomers and your Buddy.  Your Newcomer Coordinator is Ellie Weinstein and her assistant is Kate Milford. They can be reached at, 203-520-9670 and/or, 850-363-3456.

Covid Policy for 2023

It had been brought to our attention that the Northfield Mount Hermon school had changed their Covid vaccination on May 11, 2023. This change in its COVID policy eliminated the requirement of COVID vaccinations while on campus. We reached out to our contact at the school and they confirmed to us  that the change in policy does apply to our group.
Subsequently, the Northfield Board is presenting the following covid-related guidelines for  our June, 2023 conference.
1. No COVID vaccinations are required to attend.
2. Every person needs to administer a COVID home test the morning of their departure to Northfield. If you test positive or if you feel ill, do NOT come; then notify Tracey Briscoe by email at right away.
3. Masking and distancing are optional for all. Please let YOUR comfort level regarding distancing and others masking near you be known without embarrassment, guilt, or judgment.
4. One or more tables will be designated for those wanting social distancing during meals.
5. If you develop a cold or COVID symptoms during our week together, you will need to take a COVID test and leave the campus as soon as possible if you test positive. (This is a requirement of the school).
Thank you,
Wendy Desmarteaux, President, on behalf of The Board


Every morning we meet for ‘Families’  to get to know each other, to talk, to share, to play together . Each “family” group includes people of different backgrounds and ages. Please let us know of anyone at the conference to whom you are very close or related, as you will not be placed in the same group.  This will help us form the ‘Families’ for the week.  Dahna Weber, head Coordinator, will receive this information.

 Step 5:  Families with Children Information (important)