What to bring

NO LINENS, PILLOWS, BLANKETS, OR TOWELS WILL BE PROVIDED.  Please bring whatever you need.   (Bring twin bed flat sheets. Do not bring fitted sheets, as the beds are extra long.)  ALSO: NO soap, shampoo or bathroom cups are provided. Please bring what you need.

WE ASK THAT…you bring UNscented body products to the Conference as we have members of our community who are extremely sensitive to scented products (cologne, perfume, hair spray, lotions, etc.).

RECOMMENDED ITEMS TO BRING: alarm clock, clothes hangers, a reading lamp, fan, extension cord, flashlight, umbrella/raincoat.

OTHER OPTIONAL ITEMS TO BRING:  Books/readings to share with others during Sacred Circle, a journal & pen, iPods, CD’s, instruments, cards, games, puzzles, tennis racquets, soccer ball, softball glove, bats, balls, a Frisbee, a Yoga mat, mosquito repellent, suntan lotion, bathing suit, beach towel.

FAMILIES WITH SMALL CHILDREN should bring toys & other playthings, and provide any special requirements for eating and sleeping (e.g. rubber sheet for bed, highchairs, maybe a portable crib).

Please bring a FOLDING BEACH CHAIR (one that is LOW to the ground) for Conference Hours.

CLOTHING: Dress is casual – slacks, shorts, T-shirts, sweaters, sneakers, sandals, swimsuit.  (A raincoat or umbrella is useful.)  Loose, comfortable clothing is essential for dance and movement workshops.  Tie Dye Workshop is a Northfield tradition.  Please bring all things white or light colored:  tee shirts, sock, sheets, etc. to make beautiful, colorful creations.

NOTE:  Weather can change from very hot & sunny to cold & wet!  Be prepared!!

WATER BOTTLES: Please bring your own water bottle to be used all week to save on the use of disposable paper cups.

JAMMING: Bring instruments (drums, guitars, rattles, percussion instruments, etc.) for spontaneous music making and for Singing on Rainbow Point!!

TIE DYE: If you are called to create a tie dye masterpiece, please bring white cotton or linen items such as t-shirts, socks and pillow cases.

SACRED CIRCLE: This is the time for our community to gather together to share readings, prayers, songs, dances, etc.  Please bring a special/sacred object for our altar.  Also, bring your ideas to the daily Sacred Circle planning meeting (1pm daily in the small room at the back of the dining hall).

CLUB NORTHFIELD:  Our time to talk, play, and dance the night away! Bring your iPod with your favorite play list for everyone’s enjoyment! If you would like to help raise money and have good food to nibble on in between dancing & socializing, please bring home-baked goodies for us to sell!

Yoga mat, loose fitting clothing and tennis shoes for movement workshops and morning movement.

BE TICK WISE:  As we are spending a week on a rural campus in New England, it is important to be on the watch for ticks (especially the infamous Deer Tick which carries Lyme Disease).  As a precaution you might consider these good sense tips when you pack:  wear light colored clothing, long sleeves and pants (tucked into socks).  Long loose hair should be covered, braided or tied when venturing into areas where ticks are apt to be.  Spray yourself and your clothing with the following:  mix 2 cups of distilled white vinegar and one cup of water with 20-25 drops of your essential oil of choice:  rose, geranium, tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, or citrus.  Re-apply every 3-4 hours when outdoors.  Just in case there is need for removal, pack a pair of tweezers.

You are welcome to bring cell phones and computers but please note that our goal is to be as “unplugged” as possible during our week together and we hope that everyone can work together toward this end.  We ask that if you need to use a computer or cell phone, that you do so in private spaces.  ALL CELL PHONES MUST BE TURNED OFF DURING COMMUNITY GATHERINGS (Conference Hour, Families, Sacred Circle, Labyrinth Walk, Workshops, etc.)  For those who need to get onto their computer, there is free Wi-Fi in many spaces on campus, but in the dorms you may need a cable to hook up to the internet — specifically a CAT-5 Ethernet cable.

To consider when packing: We cannot be responsible for valuables.  Rooms should NOT be locked (you won’t be able to unlock them without help); thus, unwanted entrance to them cannot be controlled.


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