Proposed Investment Policy

Investment Policy Draft

 We welcome your ideas regarding the proposed policy. Please leave comments below.

Thank you for participating in the discussion. In June we will be discussing the entire topic and your ideas will be included in that conversation.

2 thoughts on “Proposed Investment Policy

  1. I quote: ‘The Organization desires to not own investments that it finds morally or ethically in conflict with its values and thus prohibits the purchase of securities of companies in the principal business of weapons as well as companies with environmental or labor practices significantly worse than their peer competitors.’

    How is ‘significantly worse’ measured?

    I am thrilled that this is being considered…I would just appreciate more clarity please.

  2. In light of Judi’s request for more clarity, I’d like to share with the community the following quote:

    “Socially responsible investing is an investment strategy that allows people to start a discussion about what kind of world we want–and what the companies we invest in must deliver so that together we can create that kind of world. In short, socially responsible investing is not only a way to align your investments with your values–it is also a way to make corporations behave more responsibly.
    “…investors are using their investments to build a world of environmental sustainability and respect for all: the world we want our children to grow up in.”

    It seems self evident that for the investment policy statement to align itself with our values, we need to:

    1) Be committed to a 100% SRI approach
    2) State clearly the positive and negative screens that reflect these values
    3) Have targeted rates of return objectives and goals
    4) And finally, employ meaningful performance and evaluation benchmarks

    Food for thought…

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