Northfield Group 2013

What Participants Say about Northfield

“I can be who I really am.”

“There is an invitation to open my heart, mind and spirit.”

“We are given the opportunity to share together laughter, sorrow, stories, and creativity.” 

“Northfield lets me spend one week each year living the life I imagined.”


Northfield Themes

In order to convey the general flavor and direction of the Northfield Conference  we provide you with a list of themes from past years. For each June’s conference, a theme is chosen which represents a suitable and timely challenge and focus for the community, and some of the programming is directed towards that subject.

A Day at Northfield

Morning Movement and Meditation

A time to stretch, do yoga or meditate to start your day with a sense of well-being.



We eat like kings!

Conference Hour

For an hour each morning, a conference participant (or group of participants) gives a scheduled talk that pertains to the theme. Conference Hour offers us intensely personal and moving glimpses into the lives of others. Whatever is shared during this special hour is held in deep respect.

Conference Hour

Conference Hour


Each “family” group includes people of different backgrounds and ages who meet daily to get to know each other, to talk, to share, to play together.



Children’s Program

Structured programs are available for children age 3 to 14 from 9:00-12:00 noon. Baby sitting for toddlers and infants during the day may be arranged by parents.

Children play an active role at Northfield

Children play an active role at Northfield



The lovely Northfield Mt. Hermon campus offers opportunities for swimming, playing tennis, basketball, group games, or walking and biking. Some also use this time for resting, being with friends, writing, reading, or making music.

Enoy the peaceful surroundings

Enoy the peaceful surroundings


A wide variety of workshops, from the silly to the serious, are offered each day. Workshop offerings may include music, movement, art, spirituality, personal growth, health, relationships… or anything else!cropped-cropped-nfld2.jpg

Teen Talk

A time for the teens to gather together to discuss issues or topics of importance to them in a confidential forum.

'Teen Talk'

‘Teen Talk’


Tree Sessions

Relaxed, informal gatherings may occur around campus, usually under trees, to discuss topics arising out of the day’s or week’s program. Also at this time, conferees offer their ability or knowledge to facilitate support groups.

Sacred Circle

This is the communal celebration, both traditional and innovative, of our spiritual diversity. The service, planned daily by those interested, brings the community together through worship that is multi-faith and intergenerational.

Singing at Sacred Circle

Singing at Sacred Circle

Evening Program

A special time at day’s end. A chance to sit and relax, play games, talk, play music, dance! Special events often include the Coffee House, the Talent Show and a theme dance, among others!

Coffee House

Coffee House

The Daily Schedule will provide you with a breakdown of each day.

Consult our Newcomer Book for important and interesting information to have in your first couple of years.