Volunteer Administrators

The Board

The Board is made up of eight members: President, Treasurer, Secretary, three Conference Coordinators (Troika), Youth Program Coordinator and Registrar.

The President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Board are nominated by the Board and elected at the annual meeting.  These positions are three-year rotating terms.

The Troika is nominated by  the Nominating Committee and elected at the  annual meeting.  These positions are three-year rotating terms.

The Registrar and Youth Program Coordinator are appointed by the board for one-year terms.

  • Jim Peters, 203-281-5993, peters.jim@gmail.com
  • Ron McClain, 301-891-3650, rmcclain@parkmont.org
  • Tracey Briscoe, 514-892-8197 traceybriscoe@gmail.com
  • Caroline Jestin, 860-214-7321, caj1954@comcast.net
Youth Program Coordinator
  • Ron McClain, 301-891-3650, rmcclain@parkmont.org

Conference Coordinators, aka “Troika”:

  • Betsy Taylor, 603-446-4344, taybet2@gmail.com
  • Rob Young, 508-429-1550, rfyoung1@comcast.net
  • Donna Moore, 603-848-1300, shrinkingshrink@hotmail.com

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of the Board and the Program Chairs.

The Program chairs are appointed by the Executive Committee for a one-year term.

Board: See above

2016 Program Chairs:
  • Nancy Ramsden, 978-745-1012, njramsden@aol.com
  • Lisa Flynn,917-676-5202, english300@yahoo.com

Other Important Volunteer Positions

2016 Workshop Coordinators
  • Peter Bloch, 603-526-6152, peterbloch@woodshades.com
  • Julie Snow-Osherson, 603-827-3462, julie@osherson.com
 2016 MidWinter Planners
  • Allison Bishop and Carrie Katz
Executive Committee Scribe
  • Meg Connor, 603-357-3200. meg.connor@yahoo.com
Nominating Chair
  • Sarah Melaseca, 603-783-4201, celloweaver@gmail.com
Family Facilitator Coordinators
  • Lauren Pollaro, laurenpollarojewelery@earthlink.net, 207-383-5758
  • Dahna Weber, dweber@videotron.ca 514-578-4655
  • Steve Walsh, connieandsteve33@verizon.net, 774-270-0435
Google Groups Manager
  • Peter Bloch, 603-526-6152, peterbloch@woodshades.com
Grapevine Editor:
  • Kay Flanagan, 819-687-8520, kflanagan@rougenet.qc.ca
  • Judi Blum, 450-646-0698, judithblum@live.com

One thought on “Volunteer Administrators

  1. Good Morning –

    I’m interested in registering for mid-winter. I emailed Tracey at above address; however, google can’t locate said address. Please let me know who I should contact to complete the registration process. Thank you!

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