Volunteer Administrators

The Board 2022

The Board is made up of seven members: President, Treasurer, Secretary, Registrar and three Conference Coordinators (Troika).

The President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Board are nominated by the Board and elected at the annual meeting.  These positions are three-year rotating terms.

The Troika is nominated by  the Nominating Committee and elected at the  annual meeting.  These positions are three-year rotating terms.

The Registrar is appointed by the board for one-year terms.

  • Wendy Desmarteaux, 514-895-3278, wdesmarteaux@gmail.com
  • Ron McClain, 301-891-3650, rmcclain@parkmont.org
  • Tracey Briscoe, 514-892-8197, northfieldregistrar@gmail.com
  • Caroline Jestin, 860-214-7321, caj1954@comcast.net
Youth Program Coordinator
  • Keri Pitcher,

Conference Coordinators, aka “Troika”:

  • Betsy Taylor, 603-446-4344, taybet2@gmail.com
  • Rob Young, 508-429-1550, rfyoung1@comcast.net
  • Donna Moore, 603-848-1300, shrinkingshrink@hotmail.com

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of the Board and the Program Chairs.

The Program chairs are appointed by the Executive Committee for a one-year term.

Board: See above

2016 Program Chairs:
  • Nancy Ramsden, 978-745-1012, njramsden@aol.com
  • Lisa Flynn,917-676-5202, english300@yahoo.com

Other Important Volunteer Positions

2016 Workshop Coordinators
  • Peter Bloch, 603-526-6152, peterbloch@woodshades.com
  • Julie Snow-Osherson, 603-827-3462, julie@osherson.com
 2016 MidWinter Planners
  • Allison Bishop and Carrie Katz
Executive Committee Scribe
  • Meg Connor, 603-357-3200. meg.connor@yahoo.com
Nominating Chair
  • Sarah Melaseca, 603-783-4201, celloweaver@gmail.com
Family Facilitator Coordinators
  • Lauren Pollaro, laurenpollarojewelery@earthlink.net, 207-383-5758
  • Dahna Weber, dweber@videotron.ca 514-578-4655
  • Steve Walsh, connieandsteve33@verizon.net, 774-270-0435
Google Groups Manager
  • Peter Bloch, 603-526-6152, peterbloch@woodshades.com
Grapevine Editor:
  • Kay Flanagan, 819-687-8520, kflanagan@rougenet.qc.ca
  • Judi Blum, 450-646-0698, judithblum@live.com

One thought on “Volunteer Administrators

  1. Good Morning –

    I’m interested in registering for mid-winter. I emailed Tracey at above address; however, google can’t locate said address. Please let me know who I should contact to complete the registration process. Thank you!

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