Contributions support all the

Conference programs in June and at MidWinter.

We are a self-sustaining community and we support

it in so many ways, by our actions, our volunteering,

and our donations. 

Please note: A Gift-in-Kind to the Conference is when you absorb the cost of any service or product that would normally be reimbursed by the Conference. By doing so, you save the Conference money, therefore making a gift of the cost.  All Gifts-in Kind must receive prior approval by the Board Secretary and Treasurer.  A Gift-in-Kind must include copies of receipt(s), which are needed for tax purposes.

Considering bequests in a will is not something we think much about. It is, however, a meaningful way to honor and remember an organization that plays an important role in our lives.
Every year, members of our community have been able to attend the Conference as a result of bequests made in the past. Going forward, it is a powerful statement on how Northfield has impacted your life. If the Conference has brought you joy, support, love, laughter, community, spiritual renewal, and connection, wouldn’t the greatest gift be to make sure that those who come after us will reap the same lifelong benefits?
Bequests may be a specific dollar amount OR a percentage (e.g. 1%, 5%, 10%, etc). Often the percentage route feels easier as you may not know what the value of your estate will be later in life.
Bequests play a significant role in the health of our Conference. If you want to be an important part of the future of Northfield, it is easy to do. If you already have a will, contact your lawyer and simply add a bequest to:
The Northfield Conference 180 Bayard Avenue North Haven, CT 06473-4300
If you haven’t made a will yet, please consider including The Northfield Conference…for those who will follow us. Thank you!

Please contact Caroline Jestin with any questions.

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Checks can be mailed to:

Caroline Jestin
9 Manion Lane
Avon, CT 06001

Checks are to be made out to the Northfield League.

(Northfield Conference is a not-for-profit NF2018 Tax Statement)