Micki Esselstyn


Click here for the website that Micki’s son Blake created while she was dying which has links to her songs as well as posts from 1999 and beyond that detail parts of Micki’s life, her journey with brain cancer, and her death.


On Eagle’s Wings

2 thoughts on “Micki Esselstyn

  1. Don’t know if you will get this or not. I was looking for your mother this afternoon to thank her for what she did to inspire me in my work, as a writer, to address sexual and domestic abuse by clergy. Your mother found me after my first book came out in the mid-90’s and even sent me a precious gift of her music. I’m saddened to learn of your loss, even though I know it’s been 16 years now. She lives on in the hearts of so many!

  2. I just did a search for Micki as I was in a counseling group that your parents offered up in Maine in the 80’s and wanted to say hi and get back in touch. I’m sorry for your loss. I remember learning so much from Eric and Micki. God bless your whole family. I remember your mom saying, “Anger is love frustrated”.

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