March Planning Meeting

The March planning meeting is always a really fun event. Because by this point in the planning year, many things are already figured out, so there is less need for meeting time, and more time for socializing, playing, taking walks, eating together, and reveling in the beauty of our community.

This time, we have something kind of different for the March meeting, which will happen on the weekend of March 1. It will be in Sugarbush, Vermont, hosted by Lisa and Scott Schermerhorn. This location is south of Burlington and north of Rutland, and along the spine of the high mountains of Vermont. Their home can accomodate as many as 15 people, most of the accomodations are variations on bunk beds. For those who want more privacy and luxury, Lisa is investigating a couple of motels in the area. What we get in return for these rustic circumstances is a truly beautiful locale that will enhance out comraderie. Oh, we also get a hot tub to relax in to!
Since the location is somewhat remote and prone to snow (it is a famous ski town!), we are aware that weather could interfere with our plan to go to Lisa’s. So there is a backup plan, to switch the location to our home in New London, NH. That option would be triggered at the last minute if bad weather is impending, or if it is clear that too many people want to come to this meeting, beyond what the Schermerhorn’s home can accomodate for beds or meeting space.
We want you ALL to come. Put it on your calendar, and keep your eyes open for emails in a couple of weeks with more details. But even now, you can email to Lisa and us to say that you intend to come. The sooner we know about your intentions, the more we can figure out how this works.
Lisa Schermerhorn <>
Kathy Lowe Bloch <>

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